Our History

Friends of Feeney St. Patrick's Day

Although Eric Feeney had been teaching for a few years, in 2014 he began his teaching career in West Hartford. It was then that a father, Sam Sohn, of one of his students had suddenly passed away from a heart attack. He left behind four beautiful children and a loving wife, Nancy Wallace-Sohn. Eric could see first hand the toll that it was taking on the family as they tried to navigate their way through.

The following year, another student in Eric’s classroom lost his father, Rashad Collier Sr. to a murder in Hartford, leaving behind two fantastic children and another loving wife, Denise Villegas. The impact of all of these tragedies became very hard for Eric to cope with and the stress motivated him to truly get involved. He had to do something!

In supporting these families, it has also created an incredible community of children and families who care for and appreciate each other’s kindness. West Hartford is a powerful place for helping others!